Chapter 1219: Giant Hall

Chapter 1219: Giant Hall

Feng zun-zhe and the rest were immediately stunned upon hearing Zi Yan’s words. They saw the docile manner of the Stone Swallowing Ant Queen that was rumoured to be incomparably fierce and their hearts seemed to have understood something. Their eyes looked at Zi Yan in a strange manner before softly speaking, “The old me really has terrible eyesight. It is unexpected that this little girl is also someone who hides her skills.”

Xiao Yan smiled. He was much better as compared to the shock that Feng zun-zhe and the others face. Zi Yan’s identity was something that he was already clearly aware of. The Ancient Void Dragon was known to reign supreme amongst all beast. The pressure that originated from the bloodlines did indeed possess a kind of unknown deterrence towards these low rank Magical Beasts.

Due to Zi Yan, the originally tensed atmosphere had suddenly become relaxed. Xiao Yan’s body moved and he appeared a short distance from Zi Yan. His eyes curiously observed the so called Stone Swallowing Ant Queen.

The Ant Queen was dark gold in coloured. There were eight onion skin like wings on its back. Its enormous mouth had serrated sharp teeth that caused one to feel a chillness in...

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