Chapter 1217: Rescue Mission

Chapter 1217: Rescue Mission

The top level of the Pill Tower consisted of an extremely spacious and grand hall. Normally, the great heads of the Pill Tower would only receive guests here when they were VIPs.

At this moment, there were some figures randomly seated within this large hall, that had been vacated for a long time. A female servant was respectfully pouring tea.

“Ke ke, Feng zun-zhe, it has been many years since we have last seen each other. You still have that free and easy manner.” Xuan Kong Zi in the leader’s seat looked at a green-clothed, old man with a smile on his face and laughed.

The green-clothed, old man was naturally Feng zun-zhe, who had traveled non-stop from the Falling Star Pavilion after having received Xiao Yan’s message. He merely shook his head and laughed after hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s words, “How can I be as comfortable as you, a great head? My Falling Star Pavilion is merely a small character when compared to the Pill Tower.”

There was a somewhat old-fashioned man was seated beside Feng zun-zhe. His body was rigid. It was as straight as a spear, giving one a kind a sharp feeling. It was as though the one seated was not...

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