Chapter 1215: Death Soul Mountain Range

Chapter 1215: Death Soul Mountain Range

Human figures were scattered around in some seats within a spacious hall. The atmosphere within the hall was quite solemn.

Ever since Xiao Yan had walked into the large hall, he had been staring intently at Xuan Kong Zi trio. Even his breathing had become a little hurried because of his excitement. It had been around five or six years since Yao Lao had been captured back then until now. Although Yao Lao’s life had not been at risk during these five or six years, the suffering he had endured was definitely unbelievable.

All of Xiao Yan’s abilities had come about because Yao Lao paved the way for him. It was due to Yao Lao that Xiao Yan had been able to reach such a height. Hence, as long as it was something related to Yao Lao, Xiao Yan’s emotions would fluctuate a little.

“Little fellow, do not allow your mind to become chaotic. Rescuing Yao Lao is not a simple matter. If anything wrong occurs midway, it would be equivalent to delivering a goat to the mouth of a tiger.”

Xuan Kong Zi involuntarily shook his head and spoke when he saw Xiao Yan’s eyes.

Xiao Yan gently nodded upon hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s scolding words. Xiao Yan took a couple of deep...

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