Chapter 1212: Fight

Chapter 1212: Fight

Yi Chen’s pretty face did not reveal any surprise as he watched the young figure slowly appear in front of Qiu Ling. He gently smiled and asked, “You are that Xiao Yan?”

Xiao Yan did not reply. His eyes were calm as he stared at this handsome man in front of him. The rich bloody scent on the Yi Chen’s body caused his brows to slightly twitch. This person was clearly vicious. Just how much blood must his hands be dyed with in order to obtain such a powerful stench.

“Xiao Yan, do not be provoked by him. This Yi Chen is not a friendly character!”

Qiu Ling behind Xiao Yan slowly informed him.

“The other party has already put up a challenge. Can I still reject the battle?” Xiao Yan slightly smiled as he wondered aloud.

Qiu Ling was momentarily dull upon hearing this. He also understood that it was impossible to mediate this matter. Although Xiao Yan might appear gentle on the surface, the pride within his heart was quite great. It would be alright if one treated him politely. However, if one were to display a mocking enmity, the attitude that the person would receive would likely not be good.

“Do your best, Xiao Yan.”

A lovely laugh...

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