Chapter 1210: Fungus Green Pill

Chapter 1210: Fungus Green Pill

After chatting with the three great heads a little longer, Xiao Yan’s group finally bid them farewell and returned to their room.

“Has anything happened during this period of time?” Xiao Yan randomly asked after having entered the room.

“Due to the Ye clan having many matters to deal with, Ye Zong could only return to Ye City with Xin Lan in disappointment after waiting hopelessly for a long time.” The Little Fairy Doctor politely informed him.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan slightly nodded. The current Ye clan was in a bad state. Being the First Elder if the clan, Ye Zhong was unable to wait around Holy Pill City. Being able to wait for about half a year was enough to let Xiao Yan know Ye Zhong was sincere.

“Additionally, people from the Profound Xuan Sect came to find trouble once during this period of time. Their so-called junior sect leader and two Elders went missing within the Pill Realm together. It is likely that they had met with some mishap. They think that you are the one responsible. Hence, they would frequently come to find trouble. However, Cao Ying was a witness and said that the one who had killed the people from...

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