Chapter 1209: Information

Chapter 1209: Information

When that curse appeared, the purple-black flame that had launched out of the spatial crack, like a volcano, immediately became sluggish. After which, it swiftly pulled back in front of many stunned eyes. Within the blink of an eye, it slid back into the fissure.

The sea of fire that had caused Holy Pill City to descend into a panic had disappeared in such a comical fashion. The chaos around the city had also come to a halt at this moment. Numerous stunned eyes stared at the spatial crack in the sky. Of course, more accurately speaking, at the skinny figure standing next to the spatial crack.

“That is… Xiao Yan?”

“He is still alive? Oh gosh, how is that possible?”

“Why is it those flames, that even the great heads from the Pill Tower could not handle, obeyed his words?”

After the stunned feeling lasted for a moment, someone finally recognized this star-like figure, who the hot topic of everyone within Holy Pill City half a year ago. In an instant, numerous private conversations rapidly sprung up within the city.

Even with Xiao Yan’s calmness, he felt a little weird...

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