Chapter 1208: Fire Lightning Bead

Chapter 1208: Fire Lightning Bead

When Xiao Yan clenched his fist, a terrifying suction force immediately surged out in all directions. Finally, one could see wave after wave of majestic purple-black flames transforming into numerous fire pillars that whizzed to Xiao Yan’s palm.


Xiao Yan’s eyes hardened as he softly cried out while he observed the majestic flame that had gathered in his hand.

His cry sounded and the energy above Xiao Yan’s palm suddenly began to rotate at a high speed. A fire swirl, a hundred feet large, was formed above Xiao Yan’s palm. Numerous fire pillars continued to pour into this swirl.

The swirl rotated at an increasingly terrifying rate. In the end, it transformed into a purple-black light. A deep rumbling sound continued to spread, causing the space to form waves of fluctuations.

When the swirl’s rotating speed had reached a certain level, the hundred-foot-large fire swirl also began to shrink. After half an hour or so, the swirl was only the size of a palm. However, this was not what Xiao Yan required. His hand was clenched and the swirl once again increased its rotation speed.

“Zoom zoom”

A terrifying ripple spread from the fire swirl. The fire glow suddenly...

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