Chapter 1200: Intense Battle

Chapter 1200: Intense Battle


After the cold cry of Old Mu Gu sounded, countless numbers of dark-black chains made from an unknown material rushed out of the black fog in all directions. After which, they crossed each other before ruthlessly restricting the large body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. The chains shook and they firmly pestered the Three Thousand Burning Flame.


The Three Thousand Burning Flame erupted into a furious roar after being sealed by these chains. Its large body wildly struggled. The purple-black flame continuously surged out of its body and burned the dark-black chains.

The purple-black flame lingered over the chains and many sharp, miserable cries were emitted. Waves of black fog continued to surge out of the chains as they went all out to block the burning flame.


Under this all out struggle by the Three Thousand Burning Flame, some dark-black chains were broken. Black fog surged at the spot where the chains broke. Some vague, tiny, savage faces appeared in the fog, causing them to appear extremely strange.


Old Mu Gu’s...

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