Chapter 1197: Fierce Three Thousand Burning Flame

Chapter 1197: Fierce Three Thousand Burning Flame

That dragon’s might grew stronger as Xiao Yan’s feet gradually approached the large dragon. There was a vague trace of Xiao Yan’s legs weakening where it seemed he was about to fall to his knees.

Xiao Yan slightly knit his brows when he sensed this change. This Three Thousand Burning Flame was indeed strange. Could it be that it has always treated itself as an Ancient Void Dragon?

This thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart as he quietly became cautious. From the looks of the aura on it, this Three Thousand Burning Flame was far from what the Fallen Heart Flame could compare with. If he was careless, he might end up falling in the most unexpected place. At that time, it would be too late for him to feel regret.

Xiao Yan finally arrived in front of the large dragon a moment later as the hot eyes from everyone looked on. His body was suspended by the head of the dragon. Looking from a distance, he was insignificant when compared to the enormous body of the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

Upon encountering the Three Thousand Burning Flame at such close proximity, Xiao...

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