Chapter 1195: Dragon Seal

Chapter 1195: Dragon Seal

Xiao Yan had made many guesses about Zi Yan’s actual body during these years, and he had gradually become aware of what she was. A Magical Beast that viewed Heavenly Demon Phoenix as food. What other beast could it be other than the mysterious Ancient Void Dragons of the Magical Beast world?

Moreover, the Ancient Void Dragons specialized in penetrating space itself. The supernatural powers that Zi Yan would occasionally display were related to space. From the way she had suddenly entered the Pill Realm and randomly left it, it was possible to vaguely tell the identity of this girl. She should be an Ancient Void Dragon.

Xiao Yan had only heard a little about the mysterious existence called Ancient Void Dragon. However, he had never personally seen one. Hence, he was not quite sure what their actual form looked like. However, Zi Yan was currently hinting that the shape of the Three Thousand Burning Flame was that of a dragon. Could it be… the Three Thousand Burning Flame was related to the Ancient Void Dragon?

Zi Yan randomly scattered the purple dragon in her hand when she saw Xiao Yan’s expression of contemplation. She said,...

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