Chapter 1194: Two Opposing Women

Chapter 1194: Two Opposing Women

After discussing some matters regarding the opening of the star region with everyone gathered, Xiao Yan’s group left the large hall.

Xiao Yan did not remain for long after having left the large hall. He turned around and walked toward a path. However, his feet had just stepped forward when a graceful figure appeared in front of him accompanied by a fragrance. Xiao Yan was startled before he immediately laughed, “Why? Does Miss Cao Ying have some matters?”

“Nothing. I am incidentally using the same path. Let’s leave together.” Cao Ying sweetly smiled. Her exquisite face revealed an alluring enchantment. This woman was just like a fox demon that could bring calamity to a country and its people. Her smiles and frowns were enough to cause a man to go crazy over her.

Xiao Yan was stunned when he heard her invitation. Since when did this witch treat him so well? In the past, she earnestly wished for him to come into conflict with others while she stood by the side and watched the show.

While Xiao Yan was pondering what was happening in his heart, the expression of Song Qing slightly worsened. Cao Ying’s change...

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