Chapter 1193: Xuan Yi, Tian Lei Zi

Chapter 1193: Xuan Yi, Tian Lei Zi

After a month of an seething atmosphere, the vast and endless sea of people around the stadium gradually scattered along with the end of the Pill Gathering. Even though the people scattered, an excited atmosphere still hung around the city. The intensity of this Pill Gathering had far exceeded everyone’s expectations. That act of turning the tide caused one’s blood to boil with heat by just thinking about it.

Night quietly encompassed this unusually lively city amid this noisiness. The well-lit city stood sentinel to the endless flow of people in the streets. The topic on everyone’s mouth was related to the Pill Gathering. Most of the conversations were naturally about the young man called Xiao Yan, the champion of this Pill Gathering and the one who had created a miracle.

This name, which appeared unfamiliar in the past, had been imprinted in the minds of everyone. Moreover, all of them also understood that this name would echo over the entire Central Plains very soon.

At that time, he would become the most dazzling young man across the entire Central Plains region.


While the entire city maintained its lively state, the many competitors...

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