Chapter 1192: The Closure of the Pill Gathering

Chapter 1192: The Closure of the Pill Gathering

Xuan Kong Zi on the tall stage smiled at the entire stadium. Immediately, he took a step forward. His eyes slowly swept over the sky before pausing on a skinny figure.

“The old me shall not say any unnecessary words at this moment. The Pill Lightning has scattered. All the competitors, please take out the medicinal pills that you have refined.

The ten plus people still remaining on the stone platform hesitated for a moment upon hearing Xuan Kong Zi’s voice. Numerous round and shiny medicinal pills slowly flew from their hands. They floated in front of them.

The medicinal fragrances lingering in the plaza had become much denser when these medicinal pills appeared.

Innumerable gazes looked over. Nine night-pearl existences were present amid the floating medicinal pills. Although they were of good quality and were sought after tier 7 high grade medicinal pills, they were not eye-catching. This was because above these nine tier 7 medicinal pills were five medicinal pills with faint spiritual fogs encircling them.

Although the outer appearance of a tier 7 pill and a tier 8 pill were similar,...

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