Chapter 1190: Receiving the Pill Lightning

Chapter 1190: Receiving the Pill Lightning

A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out of Old Mu Gu’s mouth. His feet only stabilized after taking two steps back. Both of his eyes were vicious as he looked at Xiao Yan, appearing exceptionally terrifying.

With the status of Old Mu Gu, he was a renowned existence even within the Central Plains region. However, at this moment, he had been impaired by the hands of Xiao Yan, a member of the younger generation. How could he easily swallow the anger in his heart.

However, regardless of how furious, he needed to suppress his killing intent. He understood that his appearance had already caused Xuan Kong Zi and the rest to view him as a thorn in their sides. Xuan Kong Zi had not acted because he had not found an excuse to. However, if Old Mu Gu were to do anything that deviated from the norm, Xuan Kong Zi would use a bombshell tactic to kill him, this scourge

Hence, Old Mu Gu could only crush his teeth and swallow his anger at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, do not be happy just yet. The Pill Gathering is not completely over. With your strength it is just a fantasy if you wish to receive this five-colored...

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