Chapter 119: Purple Cloud Wings

Chapter 119: Purple Cloud Wings

Leaping across the valley, Xiao Yan leisurely headed towards the waterfall. His gaze cautiously scanned the surrounding area and only after finding that there were no Magic Beasts nearby, did he finally sigh in relief.

Arriving at the precipitous mountain wall, Xiao Yan took a long time in carefully selecting a cave that was four to five meters from him. Carefully climbing up the slippery rocks, Xiao Yan was just like an agile monkey and quickly spelunked into the cave he had previously selected.

It was somewhat cool within the cave and not too small: clearly more than enough for Xiao Yan to live here by himself.

Attentively sweeping his gaze over the floor inside the cave, Xiao Yan found no signs that a Magical Beast had ever been in the cave. With that he finally felt reassured. He gave the cave a quick cleaning before removing some camping supplies from his storage ring and building a soft and dry bed.

After setting up the essential items, Xiao Yan used a big rock to block the cave entrance such that only one person could pass through at a time. Since he would be spending many days here, safety concerns were of paramount importance..

Finishing these tasks, Xiao Yan clapped his hands together to remove the dirt on them. As he gazed at the somewhat dusky cave, he mused for a moment and then took out the three Moonstones that he had taken from the treasure cave and placed them in the grooves...

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