Chapter 1189: Five-colored Pill Lightning!

Chapter 1189: Five-colored Pill Lightning!

“The thundercloud in the sky has begun to change!”

A cry of disbelief suddenly resounded over the sky. Immediately, countless numbers of gazes firmly focused on the thundercloud above Xiao Yan’s head. People gasped as the original Pill Lightning began to change with the churning of the thundercloud…

The expressions of a countless number of people were just stunned as they looked at this strange scene. Xiao Yan had actually done it…

“Good fellow, very incredible!”

Some people finally recovered in front of the stunned gazes of the countless number of people. They immediately cried out in an excited manner. Today, Xiao Yan had allowed them to witness a miracle!


Cao Ying’s heart had risen to her throat earlier, but it finally fell as she stood on a distant stone platform Her hand patted her full chest, which was rising and falling. A beautiful and bewitching smile quietly appeared on her face.

“He has really succeeded…”

Even Xuan Kong Zi and the other important people on the tall stage were somewhat absent-minded...

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