Chapter 1188: Spiritual Enhancement

Chapter 1188: Spiritual Enhancement

The entire stadium was in an uproar when everyone saw Xiao Yan suddenly insert his hands into the light pillar in front of him. Numerous surprised gazes shot onto his body. From the looks of him, it seemed that he was unwilling to give up so easily.

However, the medicinal pill had already been formed. Did Xiao Yan still have some method to turn the situation around? There was no time left was for him to refine a medicinal pill of a higher tier.

Xuan Kong Zi and the rest on the tall stage were slightly startled upon seeing his movements. Clearly, they felt some surprise at what Xiao Yan did. They could not figure what Xiao Yan could do at this moment.

“This person is not reckless. He might really have a method…”

The pretty woman’s eyes gathered on the skinny figure on the distant stone platform. She spoke with some hesitation.

“This… hopefully.”

Xuan Kong Zi and the dark-skinned elder also hesitated before speaking. They naturally wished for a miracle to appear if it could. However, right now, they were really unable to think of where the miracle would come from.

Cao Ying in the distance stared at Xiao Yan with unblinking, pretty eyes. For some unknown reason, she had felt an unknown...

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