Chapter 1187: Staking it All

Chapter 1187: Staking it All

The owl-like laughter reverberated over the sky. Lightning flashed by and a glaring light landed on Old Mu Gu’s face, causing him to appear exceptionally strange.

The large light pillar shot to the sky in front of numerous eyes. The vast, mighty strength within the light pillar caused the expressions of those present to change in shock. Looking at the energy ripple from the light, it was likely that those who had appeared earlier had yet to reach this level!

Just what great being was this mysterious, black-clothed person?

Countless numbers of people felt some surprise in their hearts at this moment. Those who possessed such an ability would definitely not be unknown.

Of course, an ordinary person might not be able to recognize him, but the expressions of Xuan Kong Zi and the rest on the tall stage slowly became gloomy at this moment. The light pillar rushed up. That aura, which Old Mu Gu had been hiding, completely erupted at this moment.

“Old Mu Gu…”

The smile on Xuan Kong Zi’s face was slowly withdrawn. His eyes revealed an icy chill as he stared at the black-clothed figure while speaking his...

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