Chapter 1185: Tier 8 Medicinal Pill

Chapter 1185: Tier 8 Medicinal Pill

Xiao Yan randomly glance at this provoking gaze that had been shot over from a distance. After which, he withdrew his eyes. This fellow had hid himself quite well. However, he was really a little too excited today. A tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill?

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth involuntarily revealed a cold smile when he thought of this. With this result, it might not be difficult for him to enter the top ten. However, that was it. This Song Qing still did not possess the qualification to truly snatch the champion’s spot!

Xiao Yan’s eyes once again focused on the interior of his medicinal cauldron as this thought flashed across his heart. A round medicinal pill was slowly rotating within the rising jade-green flame. The medicinal pill was dark-red in color, appearing just like it had been agglomerated from fresh blood essence. Moreover, there was some vague lights flashing over it, causing it to appear just like an eye and giving one an extremely unusual feeling.


A fiery heat quietly surfaced within Xiao Yan’s heart as he looked at the medicinal pill that was slowly rotating within the flame.

Numerous dark clouds were present in the sky. Occasionally, a large silver snake tore across the sky with a crashing...

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