Chapter 1184: Experts Appearing One after Another

Chapter 1184: Experts Appearing One after Another

Rolling thunder continued to reverberate over this vast, azure sky. The thick clouds gave one an extremely pressurizing feeling.


A silver-colored giant-python-like bolt of lightning suddenly tore through the sky from the thick, dark cloud. It explosively rushed down before being forcefully received by a human figure on a stone platform. Immediately, a substance-like pill fragrance spread apart…

“Ha ha, I have succeeded!”

That man, whose hair was a little white, laughed wildly at the sky in front of everyone’s eyes. His hand held a dragon-eye-sized medicinal pill that was emitting an alluring luster.

None of those present reprimanded this man, who had lost himself and laughed out loud. Instead, there was an additional heat in their eyes as they looked at him. An alchemist grandmaster, who could refine a tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill would definitely receive VIP treatment no matter where he went.

Currently, the Pill Gathering had entered its last stages. At this moment, there were only two types of people still continuing to refine medicinal pills. The first type were those...

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