Chapter 1183: Pill Lightning Repeatedly Appearing

Chapter 1183: Pill Lightning Repeatedly Appearing

Pill Refinement was an extremely time consuming task. It was not rare for one to refine a medicinal pill for ten days to half a month…

The people seated here were clearly aware of this kind of situation. Therefore, they did not appear impatient because of the long wait. Most of those who could hurry to Holy Pill City to observe were those who had some strength. They also naturally possessed this kind of necessary patience.

Time quietly flowed by amid the countless number of anticipatory gazes. Five days quietly passed within the short blink of an eye.

The refinement in the sky had appeared quite calm during these five days. However, there would occasionally be some low, deep voices being emitted. These were the cauldron explosion sounds that were emitted when a problem appeared during the refinement.

There was also a small portion of alchemists who had successfully refined their medicinal pills during these five days. However, when their medicinal pills were refined, they understood that...

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