Chapter 1181: Blood Demon Flame

Chapter 1181: Blood Demon Flame

Xuan Kong Zi involuntarily smiled as he looked over boiling the square. The atmosphere was something that only existed during the Pill Gathering even when compared to other events across the entire continent.

“All competitors, please take your places. The final competition is not limited by any rules. All of you will have to use your full effort to refine the medicinal pill that you are best at refining!”

The blood of the many competitors in the arena gradually boiled when they heard the elderly voice of Xuan Kong Zi resounding over the sky. Everyone looked at each other before a loud ‘bang’ sounded. One could see numerous figures suddenly rushing to the arena. Figures rushed in all directions at that moment. Even the scattering sunlight was slightly blocked by them.

There were many stone platforms in the sky. It was not a problem for them to hold all of the remaining competitors. Even though the competitors had already undergone two rounds of elimination, where nearly ninety percent had been eliminated, the remaining number was still quite large. Over a thousand people lifting their cauldrons together....

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