Chapter 1180: Main Event

Chapter 1180: Main Event

This place was a stadium that was so large that it caused one to feel astounded. A densely packed sea of people covered the ground as far as one could see. An earth-shaking, boiling noise resounded across the sky like the roar of a large dragon. Under this terrifying sonic wave, even the cloud layer in the sky had been destroyed until only pieces were left…

Many stone platforms floated in the air above the square. These stone platforms were the most dazzling because the final face-off of this Pill Gathering would occur on them.

After the somewhat low spirits of the last few days, the liveness of the square had undoubtedly reached a peak because today was the day the the Pill Realm was opening. Only those alchemists who had successfully walked out of the Pill Realm would possess the qualification to continue participating in the Pill Gathering!

The atmosphere of the open ground was fiery hot. A countless number of gazes were focused on the middle of the square. There was an enormous door that was constructed using black rocks at...

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