Chapter 1179: Leaving the Pill Realm

Chapter 1179: Leaving the Pill Realm

The exit of the Pill Realm was located in the northern region. There was some distance between it and the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. Fortunately, this Mysterious Bird Beast that Xiong Zhan had found was extremely fast. Based on its speed, they should be able to reach the exit within a day.

Xiao Yan’s group also saw quite a number of competitors hurrying toward the exit along the way. These people were envious of Xiao Yan’s group, who were riding on this large bird. With this transportation, it was possible to save an endless amount of trouble. Unfortunately, the Magical Beasts within this Pill Realm were all exceptionally violent. Taming them was easier said than done…

According to the rules, if one failed to reach the exit before the Pill Realm was closed, one would lose the qualification to continue participating in the competition. They only had to wait two more days before the experts from the Pill Tower entered the Pill Realm and brought all those who had remained within back. Hence, in order to get to the exit during this remaining period of time, quite a number of competitors...

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