Chapter 1178: Hurrying to the Exit

Chapter 1178: Hurrying to the Exit

An invisible light remained suspended in the distant sky. A vast and mighty Spiritual Strength was just like floodwaters as it swiftly swept out in all directions. At this moment, other than a couple of extremely powerful high rank Magical Beasts that remained in the mountain range, the other Magical Beasts sensed an extremely powerful Spiritual Pressure. Their bodies involuntarily trembled under this intense Spiritual Pressure…

“This Xiao Yan is really strong. He has really broken through to the eighth tier. How unbelievable…”

Xiong Zhan looked at the invisible light in the sky. The vast, mighty Spiritual Strength there caused even him to feel a little afraid. His great strength revealed itself through his physical body. However, if one were to compare their souls, it was likely that two Xiong Zhan would not be able to match one Xiao Yan.

The river-like Spiritual Strength continued to spread for a couple of minutes before gradually disappearing. At the same time, that invisible light slowly appeared in front of Xiong Zhan’s eyes.

The light scattered and a human...

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