Chapter 1177: Advancing to the Eighth Tier!

Chapter 1177: Advancing to the Eighth Tier!

Xiao Yan also felt surprised in his heart when he sensed this unexpected change. However, he did not dare to be overly reckless at this moment. He could only forcefully stabilize his mind as he focused on the changes within his body…

That tamed Core Soul Marrow had transformed into a hot flow that scattered apart after entering Xiao Yan’s body. It was swiftly vaporized and wave after wave of a deep-green smoke began to swiftly surged upwards. The smoke slipped through his body and reached the point between his eyebrows. Finally, it mixed with the Spiritual Strength lingering there.

Following the mixture of the smoke and his Spiritual Strength, Xiao Yan swiftly sensed a powerful and terrifying energy swiftly merge with his soul. At the same time, the strength of his soul began to appear as though it had consumed a great tonic as it suddenly strengthened at a rate that caused Xiao Yan to feel shocked!

With the swift strengthening of his Spiritual Strength, the swelling pain between Xiao Yan’s eyebrows became even more intense. He did not expect...

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