Chapter 1176: Mediating the Core Soul Marrow

Chapter 1176: Mediating the Core Soul Marrow

This green-colored rock appeared like an ordinary rock when looking at it from a distance. However if one approached it, one would be able to discover that the stone was covered in some strange lines. Moreover, the surface of the stone was slightly transparent. If one were to place it in an area of strong sunlight, one would vaguely be able to see a viscous liquid flowing inside…

Xiao Yan’s eyes paused on the green-colored rock for a moment. He finally let out a gentle breath of air. After which, he slowly suppressed the joy within his heart. He bent down and carefully picked up this palm-sized green-colored rock with his hand.

A warm-cool feeling was transmitted to his hand when it came in contact with this green-colored rock. He gently shook it and the faint feeling of shaking water was emitted.

“Heavenly Numb Jade Essence…”

Xiao Yan focused his mind and observed this green-colored rock for awhile. Only then did he finally become certain that this thing was the final thing he needed!

“This is indeed worthy of being the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range…” Xiao...

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