Chapter 1175: Medicinal Ingredient Square

Chapter 1175: Medicinal Ingredient Square

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled when he saw Old Mu Gu disappear in the distorted space. He had finally shaken off this old demon. However, from the looks of it, this Old Mu Gu did not appear to be giving up. A true life and death battle would definitely erupt when they met in the future.

Xiong Zhan, who was just like a giant tower on the ground, also coldly snorted upon seeing Old Mu Gu leave. After which, his enormous body began to swiftly shrink. Within a short couple of breaths, he had turned back into the big, strong man Xiao Yan had seen earlier.

Upon seeing Xiong Zhan turn back into his human form, Xiao Yan hugged Zi Yan closer, and rushed down from the sky. He placed her down before cupping his hand to Xiong Zhan and said, “Thank you for your help big brother Xiong Zhan.”

“Hey, big fellow. He is someone extremely close to me. Calling you ‘big brother’ means he thinks very highly of you. Moreover, he is a tier 8 alchemist. Should he randomly refine a medicinal pill and hand it to you as a gift, you will have gained a great reward.” Zi Yan by the side revealed her two small canine teeth as she spoke...

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