Chapter 1174: Frightening Away

Chapter 1174: Frightening Away


An earth-shaking sound suddenly reverberated over the entire mountain like a thunderous roar from the sky. A terrifying energy storm formed at this moment. After which, it swept in all directions. The entire mountain trembled under this ferocious energy storm. Numerous ten-foot-wide fissures swiftly spread. After which, they stretched to the edge of one’s sight…

This sudden energy storm that had erupted attracted the attention of the many high rank Magical Beasts on the mountain top. However, all of them were greatly shocked when they sensed just how frightening this energy storm was. After which, their footsteps hurriedly rushed away from the mountain. A battle of this level was not something they could get involved in.

The spreading energy ripple easily flattened nearly half of the forest on this mountain. A thousand-foot-wide pit gradually appeared within Xiao Yan’s sight.


Even with Xiao Yan’s calm demeanor, he involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air as he stared at the bottomless pit that was nearly a thousand feet in size. Such terrifying...

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