Chapter 1173: Zi Yan, Xiong Zhan

Chapter 1173: Zi Yan, Xiong Zhan

Old Mu Gu’s expression slightly changed when he heard the clear and loud voice that resounded over the forest. His eyes swept around before suddenly shooting to the tree branch of a large tree, only to see a purple-clothed, little girl there. Both of her legs were gently swinging.

Even with Old Mu Gu’s calmness, he was involuntarily startled when he saw this little girl. His eyes were covered with shock. Those who could enter the Pill Realm were all alchemists that participated in the Pill Gathering. However, this little girl in front was clearly not one of them. Just how did she enter this place?

The purple-clothed, little girl ignored the surprised gaze of Old Mu Gu. Her small hand pressed against the tree branch and her lovely, small body leaped down from high above. After which, it gently landed in front of Xiao Yan. She involuntarily laughed when she saw Xiao Yan’s stunned expression before giving him a strange face. Her lovely and pretty actions were really likeable.

“Zi Yan… why are you here?”

The shock within Xiao Yan’s eyes lasted for a good amount of time before gradually disappearing. He grabbed this...

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