Chapter 1172: Fleeing For One’s Life

Chapter 1172: Fleeing For One’s Life

Xiao Yan’s reaction was swift and the reactions of the others were also quite quick. Just when Xiao Yan had turned around and left, Song Qing and the rest had also immediately escaped the battleground. After which, they used all their strength to rush explosively to the forest!


Cao Ying was at the front of everyone fleeing. Moreover, she was the first to escape the moment the spatial barrier broke. However, a couple of breaths’ time after she had cried out, a figure flashed over from behind her. Within the blink of an eye, that figure had overtaken her. Her pretty eyes swept over to see who it was. Who else could this figure be other than Xiao Yan?

Those who were fleeing were not fools. They did not flee in the same direction. Instead, their eyes glanced at each other before they began rushing in all directions. Within a couple of flashes, they had fled into the vast forest.

“Chase, do not let anyone of them off!”

The black-clothed man was shocked since the spatial barrier had been broken quickly by Cao Ying. He hurriedly recovered and cried out in a dense voice.


The dozen plus black-clothed man hurriedly acknowledged after hearing the order of the black-clothed man. After which, they began to scatter in an orderly manner, giving chase to the fleeing individuals as they did so.

“I want to see just how long you can struggle!”

The black-clothed man’s cold eyes shot in the direction Xiao Yan and Cao Ying had disappeared. He immediately let out a cold laugh as his body shook. The surrounding space...

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