Chapter 1170: Massacre

Chapter 1170: Massacre

Due to him being afraid that the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake would give chase, Xiao Yan had rushed away wildly after having hid his aura. Only then did he gradually slowed down. He looked all around him. Currently, he was near the middle of the mountain. The area higher above was covered in a dense fog of energy. Moreover, Xiao Yan was also able to sense some extremely powerful auras within these dense fog. It would be extremely troublesome if these auras were to pester him.

“Now, all I can do is quietly climb to the top of the mountain and try to see if I am able to steal the task items that I need. With my strength alone, it might be a little difficult to forcefully snatch them…” Xiao Yan stood on a giant tree. He overlooked a partially visible mountain top as he mused to himself.

Xiao Yan ceased hesitating after having made up his mind. He was just about to move when a thought suddenly passed through his mind. His eyes suddenly slid to the bottom of the mountain. An extremely intense energy ripple suddenly erupted from that spot. This kind of ripple was not that of an ordinary energy...

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