Chapter 117: Flying Dou Technique: Eagle Wing

Chapter 117: Flying Dou Technique: Eagle Wing

Xiao Yan carried the keys to the boxes and once again, he touched the warm metal lock. Tilting his head and glancing at the Fairy Doctor who had finished digging out all the medicinal plants, he smiled and said, “Hurry over here. I don’t want to be accused of trying to pocket everything when I open these boxes.”

“At least you have some sort of conscience.”

The Fairy Doctor raised her nose, carried the ten plus bottles in her chest and placed them on the stone table. Finally, she unwillingly selected six bottles and handed them to Xiao Yan: “Hey, these are yours.”

Xiao Yan received them with a smile, took a brief glance and stored them into his storage ring. The Ice Spirit Blazing Grass was already in his hands so the other valuable medicinal plants were not very important to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan waved the three black keys in front of the Fairy Doctor and smiled: “Then I will be opening them.”

“Open them!” After throwing Xiao Yan an irritated look, the Fairy Doctor quickly slotted the jade bottles around her waist and chest. Immediately, her narrow waist appeared much fuller...

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