Chapter 1169: Doping

Chapter 1169: Doping

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around after he had identified the Magical Beast hiding in the deep pool. After which, he quietly withdrew a couple of hundred meters. Next, he found a spot where the wind was blowing in the direction of the deep pool. He took out a fruit tree from his Storage Ring. This fruit tree was icy-blue in color. It was only around half a foot in size and at its tip sat a fist-sized blue-colored fruit. The surrounding air became much more moist when this fruit appeared. Surging water affinity energy rushed out like water in a flood.

This fruit tree was called the Water Drunken Cloud Immortal Tree. The fruit on top of it was called the Water Cloud Fruit. There was an extremely dense water affinity energy within it. This fruit held a potent attraction to some water affinity Magical Beasts. Moreover, the energy within it was vast, mighty, causing the fruit to possess a special drunken liquid within it. The effect of this drunken liquid was fantastic. Even a tier 7 Magical Beast would become drunk and fall asleep after having swallowed it.

Xiao Yan needed the drunken liquid within this Water Cloud Fruit.

“Ugh, in order...

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