Chapter 1168: Pill Spirit Serum

Chapter 1168: Pill Spirit Serum

Xiao Yan left the hill where Cao Ying’s group was situated and flew toward the vast and endless Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. After which, he moved back and forth over the sky for a moment before finally rushing toward the interior of the vast mountain range.

After rushing into the mountain range, the first thing that Xiao Yan sensed was the dense energy within this mountain range. No wonder it was called Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range. With the natural energy of this place, it was not abnormal for it to grow many natural treasures that were difficult to find in the outside world.

The continuous roars of Magical Beasts could be heard across this mountain range. Perhaps it was because humans kept barging in recently but the roars seemed to have contain additional violent killing intent. After being infected by the wild, violent seed within this place, these Magical Beasts were far fiercer than those in the outside world.

Xiao Yan landed on a mountain top that appeared like a dagger. He knit his eyebrows as he swept his eyes all over the place. By relying on his exceptional Spiritual Perception, he could sense...

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