Chapter 1167: Departure

Chapter 1167: Departure

Xiao Yan did not have the time to check if the hidden force had caused Chen Xian. The heavy ruler in his hand reflexively swung backwards in a violent manner. It immediately collided with the vast, mighty palm wind of the old man Bai, who was furiously pouncing over.


The heavy ruler collided with the palm wind, and a muffled sound immediately appeared. The fierce wind swept apart like a storm. Xiao Yan’s toes pressed against empty air as his body swiftly withdrew. At the same time, his feet took a couple of continuous steps through the air. Each time his foot landed, space itself would tremble. This continued for a couple of steps before Xiao Yan forcefully stabilized his body. This furious attack by the old man with the surname Bai was powerful. If this attack had landed on Xiao Yan’s defenseless back, it probably would have gave him a serious injury.

Xiao Yan’s feet stepped on empty air before he stabilized his body. His eyes was clearly a little gloomy as they landed on Song Qing because the person who had suddenly stopped Xiao Yan from killing Chen Xian was him.


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