Chapter 1166: To Kill

Chapter 1166: To Kill

The expression on Chen Xian’s face drastically changed upon hearing Xiao Yan’s dense words filled with killing intent. He did not hesitate even a little as the Dou Qi within his body erupted in all directions at this moment. After which, all of it agglomerated on his right palm.

The rich, fiery-red Dou Qi gathered on Chen Xian’s right hand, causing his entire arm look like a burning-red charcoal. A frightening fire-red Dou Qi was swiftly gathered on his palm, appearing just like an unusually sharp fire blade!

“Mysterious Fire Blade!”

A ferociousness had also surged up Chen Xian’s face at this moment. His hand trembled, and it formed into the shape of a blade. After which, it was ruthlessly hacked at Xiao Yan’s head!

With the wave of his hand, the fire knife formed by hot, fire-red Dou Qi also moved. At the same time, a searing hot, sharp wind tore a dark-black crack in space itself.

No matter what the case was, Chen Xian was also an expert with a strength that was similar to Xiao Yan. This attack had been unleashed during his all out retaliation was quite powerful.

The cold expression on Xiao Yan’s...

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