Chapter 1165: Attack

Chapter 1165: Attack

This unexpected change left everyone on the hill stunned. They watched Chen Xian be forced back and vomit blood in the blink of an eye. After which, they looked at the figure that was slowly appearing. In an instant, a chill surged within the hearts of quite a number of people. They quietly withdrew further away.

No one had expected Xiao Yan to not run as quickly as possible in the face of this powerful lineup of Chen Xian. He had instead dared to put up a feint, dodge the two elders, and attack Chen Xian. Everyone had clearly witnessed the situation earlier. If Chen Xian’s reaction had been a little slower, it was likely that he would have been killed by Xiao Yan.

Some surprise surged onto the face of Song Qing a short distance away. His understanding of Xiao Yan was limited to some rumors. Moreover, the thing that he had heard most about was the five great clan test in Holy Pill City. Although Xiao Yan’s performance during the test was quite good, it was not enough to make him feel any shock. Moreover, Xiao Yan’s strength was merely around that of a four star Dou Zong. Chen Xian’s...

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