Chapter 1164: Meeting Again

Chapter 1164: Meeting Again

The one who could cause Xiao Yan to reveal such an expression was naturally the young sect leader of the Profound Xuan Sect, Chen Xian. Xiao Yan and him had not appeared in the same place, but it was unexpected that they would meet outside this Ten thousand Medicinal Mountain Range.

There were two elders behind Chen Xian. Xiao Yan was not unfamiliar with these two people. They were the guards of Chen Xian that Xiao Yan had met at the alchemist trade fair.

“These two old fellows are also alchemists. No wonder Chen Xian was not afraid. He already had some helpers in the Pill Realm…” Xiao Yan knit his brows as he studied the two old men. The strength of those two was much greater than Huang Yi. It was likely that they were nine star Dou Zongs. They were going to be somewhat troublesome to deal with.

By using them, it was possible to see Chen Xian’s position in the Profound Xuan Sect. He even had two nine star Dou Zongs guarding him after entering the Pill Realm. Clearly, the Profound Xuan Sect valued him. Part of the reason for this might perhaps be because he was the junior sect leader. However, if he were useless, it was...

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