Chapter 116: Ice Spirit Blazing Grass

Chapter 116: Ice Spirit Blazing Grass

The coldness and darkness of the surroundings engulfed the two as they walked within the quiet mountain cave. Amidst the silence, only the soft footsteps of two people could be heard.

The surrounding atmosphere caused the Fairy Doctor to instinctively hug herself. She raised her head and watched Xiao Yan walking slowly ahead of her. A brief hesitation later, she increased her pace and closely followed behind him. In this environment, only the young man in front of her gave her some sense of security.

After walking for over ten minutes in the quiet atmosphere, the Fairy Doctor started feeling that the insanely quiet atmosphere was unbearable. At that moment, however, the young man in front of her abruptly stopped.

“Ah…” The Fairy Doctor failed to react in time and knocked softly into Xiao Yan’s back.

The intimate encounter caused the Fairy Doctor to take a step back with an extremely red face as she embarrassingly said, “What are you doing?”

The earlier soft contact had also caused Xiao Yan to take in a deep and heavy breath. He coughed drily as he pointed towards a rock door where a faint yellow...

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