Chapter 1158: Passing the Hurdle

Chapter 1158: Passing the Hurdle

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Xuan Kong Zi on the tall stage nodded as he watched the human figures entering the Fantasy Realm like locusts in transit. Both of his hands were inserted into his sleeves as he faintly said, “The Pill Gathering this time around has become a little interesting. It is unexpected that even some famous old fellows have also come…”

“The Three Thousand Burning Flame is far from what an ordinary Heavenly Flame can compare with. It is quite tempting to these people. Naturally, they would want to come and join in the fun.” That dark-skinned, old man beside Xuan Kong Zi raised his eyebrows. His stern lightningbolt-like eyes swept over the human figures rushing into the Fantasy Realm hurdle as he commented.

“The waves behind push away those at the front. Some of the members from the younger generation are not weaker than them. Even if they participate, it is likely that they will only end up with ashen faces…” The cheongsam-clad, pretty woman by the side smiled as she added her thoughts.

Xuan Kong Zi grinned and nodded. He fondled his beard and said, “The younger generation this time has a number of outstanding people. However, the thing I am most curious about is just what extent will Xiao Yan r...

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