Chapter 1157: Two Great Hurdles

Chapter 1157: Two Great Hurdles

The location of Pill Gathering was in the northern part of the inner region. It had already been filled by a terrifying crowd of people for a few days. Hence, by the time Xiao Yan’s group had arrived, they only saw a densely packed, endless sea of human heads. An earth-shaking noise charged to the sky. After which, it transformed into a terrifying sonic wave that spread apart. One was able to clearly hear it within a fifty kilometer radius.

Xiao Yan’s group flashed and appeared on top of some buildings. Their eyes looked around them. Only then did they discover that this place was an enormous ten-thousand-foot-large square. The air above this open ground had many stone platforms suspended in it. The stone platforms had a faint light spreading out from them. From the looks of it, the platforms appeared quite mysterious. “Those stone platforms are the final seats of the competitors…” Ye Zhong pointed at the stone platforms floating in the air as he laughed. They were the focus of tens of thousands of eyes.

“The final seats?” Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows when he heard this.

“Ke ke, the Pill Gathering is an extremely grand event....

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