Chapter 1154: Song Qing

Chapter 1154: Song Qing

Xiao Yan slowly raised his head upon hearing that elderly laughter. He coincidentally watched the white-clothed, old man slowly turn around. His hair was white, and his face was covered with deep wrinkles. Both of his eyes appeared tiny, being compressed by the wrinkles. However, his deep and unfathomable eyes contained a warm smile.

“Senior really knows how to joke…”

Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and respectfully spoke.

“Ke ke, I am not joking. You have reached the high grade seventh tier alchemist level at such a young age. The number of people who can achieve this across the entire continent can be counted on one’s fingers…” The white-clothed old man’s eyes swept back and forth over Xiao Yan as he warmly said, “The old me is called Xuan Kong Zi. If you do not mind, you can call me Old Xuan. Back then, I was a close friend of your teacher, Yao Chen. It is not overboard for you to address me as such.”

“In that case… this young fellow shall defer to your judgement.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was happy to do as he was told. He cupped his hands together and laughed.

Xuan Kong Zi smiled. He placed the scroll in his hand onto the bookshelf before turning around and heading back to his...

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