Chapter 115: Danger at the Cave Entrance

Chapter 115: Danger at the Cave Entrance

On the precipitous cliff, two shadows appeared under the bright glow of the moon.

“Shall we start?”

Xiao Yan took a step forward to gaze at the pitch-black space beyond cliff before turning to smile and ask the Fairy Doctor who was clothed tightly in black.

Slightly nodding her head, the Fairy Doctor squatted down to pick up a few pieces of dry sticks before swiftly binding them together, forming two torches. She sprinkled some light yellow powder over them and then found a fire source to light the torches.

“Take this.” Handing over the torch to Xiao Yan, the Fairy Doctor once again fished out a long rope and waved it at Xiao Yan, smiling while saying, “As a man, you won’t let a weak girl like me be the vanguard right?”

Xiao Yan held up the torch and pulled at the rope with all his strength, after making sure that there were no problems with it. He then cast a glance towards the smiling Fairy Doctor, shook his head, and coolly replied, “Let us go down together, I can’t be at ease if I trust my back to someone I have not known for long.”

“You…… do you really have no manliness?”

Being doubted by Xiao Yan made the Fairy Doctor feel indignant. Usually, the mercenaries she met were rather...

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