Chapter 1148: Secretly Learn

Chapter 1148: Secretly Learn

Xiao Yan looked at Cao Ying when she suddenly smiled. He naturally knew that the Ye clan would successfully retain its spot in the five great clans if he were to pull out now. However, the other party had already made such an offer. If he were to withdraw now, he would end up appearing weak. Moreover, Xiao Yan was also extremely interested in Cao Ying, who was called a potential successor of the great heads of the Pill Tower.

This was because he knew that Cao Ying would also participate in the Pill Gathering. At that time, she would definitely be a great opponent of his. If he could exchange blows with her here, he would be able to gauge her skill a little better. He would not end up being caught off guard at that time.

Of course, the fight between Spiritual Strengths was naturally unable to represent the strength of one’s alchemist abilities. However, being able to observe something and gain a rough estimation of the other party’s strength was helpful.

Due to the various reasons stated above, Xiao Yan would naturally not choose to voluntarily withdraw. Hence, he needed to receive Cao Ying’s provocation…

Xiao Yan slowly nodded after making up his mind in his heart....

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