Chapter 1146: Spiritual Control

Chapter 1146: Spiritual Control

“The next test is called Spiritual Control…”

Elder Cheng smiled as he looked over the candidates. After which, he took out a dark-black metal bead from his Storage Ring. The surface of the metal bead was extremely smooth. Moreover, it did not contain the slightest luster. The complete-black color gave it a kind of heaviness.

“This is a bead that has been formed from spiritual metal. It is called Soul Testing Bead. If this thing is held by a hand, it will appear extremely light. However, it will appear extremely heavy to one’s soul…”

“When this Spiritual Control test begins, many of these Soul Testing Beads will scatter down from the ceiling. You are required not to use any Dou Qi. Instead, you will use your Spiritual Strength alone to support them. The one who takes the most Soul Testing Beads will be in the top segment of this test. The ranks will be determined based on the number of beads received.”

Elder Cheng took a glance at Cao Ying when he spoke until this point. After which, his eyes turned to Xiao Yan. He smiled and said, “The record of this test of one’s Spiritual Control is also set by Cao Ying....

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