Chapter 1144: Soul Test

Chapter 1144: Soul Test

When Xiao Yan stood up from his seat, four other figures slowly stood up from the seats of the four other great clans. In an instant, the eyes of the people in hall gathered on the five of them.

The candidates whom the Dan and Cao clan had sent out did not exceed Ye Zhong’s expectations. They were Cao Xiu and Dan Xuan. The Bai clan was represented by the most outstanding person among the clan’s younger generation, who was the man called Bai Ying. The Qui clan’s candidate was a small man. Although Xiao Yan did not know who he was, it was likely that this person was not ordinary since he was capable enough to be sent out by the Qiu clan.

Elder Cheng in the arena slowly swept his eyes over the five people. After which, his eyes paused on Xiao Yan. This elder had been friendly with the Ye clan in the past. However, due to the decline of the Ye clan over the years, the Ye clan seldom came to Holy Pill City. Hence, their relationship had become a lot paler. Nevertheless, Elder Cheng felt some pity for the Ye clan’s predicament. He had once helped put in some good words. This had enabled the Ye clan gain its final chance of survival today.

“The candidates representing the various clans, please step into the arena…”

Xiao Yan and the rest slowly walked down in front of the eyes of the entire...

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