Chapter 1142: Gathering of the Five Great Clans

Chapter 1142: Gathering of the Five Great Clans

The location of the five great clan test was in a special hall within the inner part of Holy Pill City. This was an exclusive place where all the clan tests over the generations happened. This place had been built by the Pill Tower. From this, one could tell how greatly the Pill Tower valued this test of the five great clans.

This kind of test was not conducted secretly. Instead, it was semi-open to outsiders. Some people with sufficient qualifications and strength would hurry over to this place before the test began. The position of the five great clans was always watched by a countless number of people because everyone knew that this was a shortcut to enter the upper echelons of the Pill Tower. As long as one climbed this large tree known as the Pill Tower, one’s strength and reputation would soar overnight.

Currently, the Ye clan’s position among the five great clans was precarious. If it failed to pass the test this time around, it would lose its position among the five great clans. Once the Ye clan lost its position, other factions, who had already been eyeing their spot, would come swarming in...

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