Chapter 1140: Anonymous Word Formula

Chapter 1140: Anonymous Word Formula

“What is the use of this Spirit Nourishment Powder?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were shining as he looked at the five tiny pale-yellow specks of dust within the room. He licked his mouth and inquired.

Tian Huo zun-zhe fondled his beard. He mused for a moment before slowly replying, “This Spirit Nourishment Power was quite renowned even during the ancient times. It is not only an item one must have in order to refine medicinal pills tier 8 and above but it is also able to nourish one’s soul if the dust merges with the soul, gradually strengthening the spirituality of one’s soul. From there, one could step into that so-called Soul State.”

Joy surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes the moment he heard Tian Huo zun-zhe’s words. It seemed that these inconspicuous little things hid great ability.

“During ancient times, some of the alchemists who had touched the soul state would try their best to obtain this Spirit Nourishment Powder… this thing is just like a magnet that attracts spirituality. If it merges with one’s soul, it would...

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