Chapter 114: Treasure Hunt

Chapter 114: Treasure Hunt

“A cave?”

Lifting his eyebrow, Xiao Yan watched the Fairy Doctor with great interest as he said, “You were trying to enter it a moment ago, weren’t you?”

“Yes but the cliff is too steep. I cannot get in.”

The Fairy Doctor threw a glance at the eager Xiao Yan and said blandly, “I can share this secret with you but you better not have any ideas about trying to pocket it all. Otherwise, I will not allow you to smoothly obtain the things. Believe me, my strength may not be comparable with you but as a two star Dou Zhe, you cannot be considered to be strong within the entire Qingshan Town.”

Seeing the seriousness on the Fairy Doctor’s face, Xiao Yan smiled, touched his nose and teased, “Originally, I had intended to knock you out and go down myself. But seeing your confidence… to be on the safe side, I better dismiss this notion.”

Hearing this, the Fairy Doctor snorted and threw Xiao Yan a cutting gaze. She did not expect that this person actually possessed such an idea...

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